We are hungry for life

We belong to brooks
that don't babble or attract
Among huge trees
that remain leafless in spring
We dance in rains
that leave the ground dry
We have to enjoy
at festivals that suck us dry
We are brothers
to the owls at night
We are broken, we are hungry for life.

You see ambience, I see fading

New pain unlocked. Uuh, no, it's consistent 
    God my life is a mess
When I dim my lights 
    you see ambience I see
Where to start? With sorrow never known
     What do I say when my ol' dear mind
     escapes the pain through fantasy
Exasperation. Does throwing hands look like exercise to you!
      Snap out of it! I tell myself
And when I do, I gotta run. Coz it's all falling apart again
       F*** I'm tired! Of crying itself
   So I'm gonna go lay down
and wish myself away
And when you find my bones, remember this poem please

Kill my dreams

Well, that’s the post, kill my dreams
Infact take me back to when I didn’t have any
When I didn’t know of the world so I don’t desire to travel
Where my best life remains in the confines of what my village offers
Take me where I have no answer to `what do you wanna be when you grow up’ scornfully said.
If I’m lacking, let me not know of riches so I don’t desire them
Take me to when I know not of opportunities so I don’t seek them

For how long will I whine about my problems? but if I didn’t know of relief, I wouldn’t know I’m whining

In that case here is my PayPal if you wanna lessen my whining


For the Love of Death. ⚠️⚠️

Close your eyes and watch me
approach to savour you beautiful mess
Embrace me I whisper
keep 'em closed I thrive in darkness
Lubricate my path with those tears
the pain in them is an aroma that attracts me
Shut the world from your raging mind
and focus on the sadness it brews
Drop the soul cleansing jabs
and let me scatter my filth where I see fit
The rags that cover your skeleton want out
don't ask out the fire I use on them
Give in to me you're weak
if you weren't I wouldn't feel welcome here
For the love of death give up!
I won't stop till you do

Free me

Free me
I want to scream free me
Let me out of your grip, beliefs
Unwrap me from your stabbing finger
Let me find my way through the mess life is
Vindicate me not when I stray, I just don’t understand why
Free me from my damned rights
I just might choose wrong, but let me fall. at least it will be on my own accord if I’m free


You cut too deep, slow down the drilling
           who will seek my bones to pray on if I die here alone
           This kind of lonesome grief knows no master
            with no tissues to warn the tears to stop
           Hold my hair back and let me spew
             on this world too dangerous to get close
            You should have warned me it’d be tough
           I’d have rubbed my skin on rocks in preparation
           Now send whatever kind of clouds you wish
            at least I’ll know to wait for the rain.    

I stand naked before you

Come and behold
   the unraveling of old scabs
That ooze eerie and dreaded memories
I’d really rather forget
How every soul that touched my body
    burned their footsteps
     on to my already charred skin
Bear witness
As I flip over
The part of my heart
That is unformed and ugly
     with smudges of life’s paint
     that is running and raw
It screams to you that I’m not art
Yet I stand naked before you
Are you getting involved?

My first piece to enter a poetry contest. I didn’t get enough votes to win but I’m hella proud of it.😊

Stay out of the way!

Oh that you may not touch me with your vipers
                  that you shall not plant me in a loveless home
                  I ask that you don’t bury me with injustice
                   that these tears of rocks don’t tear my face
                   Withhold not the happiness I desire
                    As I tread this path I didn’t choose
                     do not burden me with unkindness
                     As I fight to live my dreams
                     stay out of the way!!

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